Servus Intralogistics is part of the Austrian technology company Heron. Our passion is development and production of customised intralogistic systems with the intelligent and autonomous transport robot ARC (Autonomous Robotic Carrier). Servus helps its customers, to combine all internal logistic processes – from incoming goods via the warehouse, production, assembly or picking to outgoing goods – in a lean flow process. Thanks to the Servus system components, your logistics solution becomes your individual process.

We advise out customers on the implementation of lean logistics, and together develop the best solution and set it up for them.

Servus – serves you more


Heron Innovations Factory

The Heron Innovations Factory is the breeding ground for our innovation. Much like the Heron Group’s product philosophy, the company building also has a modular designed. This modular structure of the building, as well as the open and modern layout of the work areas, help us to adapt to changes flexibly and dynamically, much like a start-up. The result is open and direct communication among the employees and a flat hierarchy – from the apprentice to the CEO. We work in an open and innovative way, just like a start-up.

We want the Heron Innovations Factory to be a lively place for ideas and innovations. Our aim is for clients to approach us with specific projects. We help the customer to experience the whole variety of innovations and the latest technologies in genuine operation. With this impetus and the newly acquired ideas, customers can go home and implement them in their own companies. The customer does not need to learn about the product in theory, or in a showroom set apart from the real world: instead customers can experience the product live and understand the business sense it makes for them. For example, the Servus transport robot handles our entire internal

logistics and part picking. Each department, from incoming to outgoing goods, is connected with the Servus system. Our employees can fully concentrate on value adding activities.

In the Innovation Factory, we seek to show the effects of a fully networked factory on people, products and precesses taking all aspects of industry 4.0 and lean culture into consideration.

The Heron Group includes

Heron Innovations Factory is an owner-managed, globally active family business based in the heart of Europe, more precisely in the city of Dornbirn, which is situated in the Austrian part of the border triangle at Lake Constance. Heron Innovations Factory has its origins in the development and construction of customized assembly machines. Over the years, four independently operating subsidiaries have developed:

How Servus Emerged

As a supplier to the automotive industry, Heron implemented the fully automatic machine for the steering wheel adjuster in the AUDI A6. During final inspection, Ferdinand Piëch, who is known for being a perfectionist, was annoyed by a noise when adjusting the steering wheel. He stopped the SOP and asked his engineers to get rid off the noise. For Heron, this meant mechanically adapting the fully automatic machine, which was already ready for delivery, to match the modified product as quickly as possible. In the Heron development team, there was desire for a more flexible automation system that can be easily and quickly adapted to new conditions. Mr. Piëch can therefore be seen as the initiator of the idea behind the development of Servus.

Heron Relies On Renewable Energy

The Heron Innovation Factory was implemented as a low-energy industrial building. Heron does not use any fossil fuels, but instead relies exclusively on geothermal energy and photovoltaics. Heating and cooling are regulated via an ingenious heat pump system. The required geothermal probes are let into the 270 piles on which the building is founded. Triple insulated glazing and thermal insulation throughout ensure values just like in a low-energy house. Controlled aeration and ventilation are further significant parts of the Heron Innovation Factory’s energy concept, ensuring that there is always enough oxygen, the prerequisite for concentration and ability to perform. Innovative facility engineering that controls light and shade, supports the system.

Kindergarden “Löwenzahn and Seidenpfote”

Children developing personalities. Heron started working on this program at a very early stage and in 1997 became the first company in Vorarlberg to have company childcare facilities, known as “Löwenzahn und Seidenpfote”. Four loving carers look after children from the ages of 15 months to 4 years. There is a maximum of 8 children in each of the two groups. This is the ideal group size for Heron. The parents decide how often their children attend. “It is important to us that there is no peer pressure”, says Bettina Beer, describing the pedagogical concept. “Whoever wants to join in can do so, while the others head off for a quiet corner, where they can follow their own interests, or let off steam in the activity room. The individual personalities of the children are paramount. “Löwenzahn und Seidenpfote” promotes healthy self-confidence, self-responsibility and creativity.

Heron Is Part of a Strong Economic Region

The high quality of living in Vorarlberg is assured by the economic strength of the region. Vorarlberg’s economy is influenced by an enormous variety of industries, including both global players and hidden champions. The “Ländle”, as it is called in the vernacular, is the federal state with the highest per capita export quota in Austria, and the state with the highest rate of industrialisation, as well as being one of the most innovative regions in Europe. With around 50,000 inhabitants, Dornbirn is the community with the largest population in the federal state, and is also the 10th largest city in Austria.

Dornbirn is the economic capital of Vorarlberg with a higher quality of life and is approx. 11km from lake constance and 7km from Switzerland. Dornbirn is also the trade fair and university city.

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