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Customers are ordering more and more online, but do not want to lose the benefits of stationary retail outlets. Click and have, or click and wait. Today, fast delivery times and uncomplicated returns drive customer satisfaction. In addition, the sales channel boundaries are blurred; new channels are being added everyday. This requires logistics solutions that are at the same time individual and flexibly adaptable. With its highly dynamic warehouses and tailor-made order picking cells, Servus has the answer to requirements in wholesale trade and e-commerce.

Order Picking Performance

With the correct strategy and ergonomically designed stations to match, we take picking performances to the extreme.


Warehouse performance can be scaled at any time with the Servus system. As a result, retailers are always equipped to deal with order peaks.


Thanks to an efficient storage strategy, the highest storage density and the shortest travel routes, we achieve maximum performance.

Lager Intralogistik E-Commerce


Order today, receive today. The basic prerequisite for this is a highly dynamic shuttle warehouse which guarantees the quickest possible access to the products. Servus achieves this with its highly dynamic transport robots, which – thanks to our proprietary Warehouse Management System (WMS) – take the shortest route in a warehouse with highest storage utilisation level. Individually and ergonomically designed picking stations enable fast access to the products.


Whether purchased over the counter or ordered from an online store, the Servus warehouse supports retailers in their omnichannel strategies, because Servus seamlessly connects the entire value chain, thus enabling a pervasive data and material flow.

Omni-Channel unterstütze Logistik
SERVUS Roboter bringt Waren beim Einkaufen zur Kasse

Totally New Shopping Experience with Servus

The flexibility of the Servus modular system is particularly evident at the Duchessa di Parma premium retail chain. While guests enjoy their shopping experience to the full, the Servus system transports the goods to the cash desk. Whether Grappa, Parma ham, panini or prosciutto, Servus keeps the goods at the cash desk ready for the customer.

Servus – serves you more

Hama and Fossil Rely on Servus

In collaboration with Swisslog, Servus has implemented highly dynamic storage solutions for retailers Fossil and Hama, among others. Servus produced the Smart Carrier Shuttles and is responsible for all dynamic movements in the automated small parts store. In the scope of extending the central logistic systems at Hama, Servus was tasked with implementing the highly dynamic buffer storage for the picking cells.

Customer Opinions

“In Servus, we have one of the best shuttle systems on the market, and it was developed by a highly innovative and creative team of specialists. From the start, the great relationship between shuttle-weight/ dynamics and load weight impressed me.”
Josef Otter
Managing Director of Fossil, Germany
“The great flexibility of the system was pivotal. When we grow, the Servus system grows too; we can then very easily expand it with operations working at full capacity.”
Robert Hinnen
Logistics Manager at Hasler + Co AG

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