Servus Warehouse Mangement Software

The Servus Software drives efficient warehouse management and ensures an optimal material flow.

Servus Warehouse Mangement Software

The Servus Software drives efficient warehouse management and ensures an optimal material flow.

The Warehouse Management Software for Your Needs

The Servus software portfolio is just as flexible as the system itself. Servus supplies you with exactly the software package that you need. Servus can handle your entire warehouse management, if so desired, thus optimising your material flow. However, Servus can also interface with existing warehouse management systems. The latest features of the Servus software give you real time access to all your data; an overview of the system status is also available at any time, and the entire system is visualised in 3D.


Increased efficiency due to double cycles, parallel processes and maximal storage capacity utilisation. Additionally, all sequences are continuously analysed and optimised.‎


The Servus WMS supports both standardised and customer-specific processes. You choose the software to suit your processes.


The user interface of the Servus WMS is user-friendly and clear-cut. Visualisations of the relevant data and material flows can be accessed at any time.

Warehouse Management System SERVUS

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Using Servus WMS helps you get even more out of your warehouse. Servus WMS means that the transport robots work even more efficiently and run far more double cycles than other warehouse management systems. In addition to the Servus warehouse, other conventional warehouses can also be easily managed, whether manually or automatically. The Servus Software also offers extensive analysis opportunities as well as 3D indicators in real time. The Servus WMS can be connected to any ERP system, e.g. SAP, Microsoft, proAlpha, ABACUS, AP+, BIOS 2000 and many more.

Servus Efficient Agents System (SEAS)

SEAS is the communication hub between the Warehouse Management System, the transport robots and their assistance systems. Smart coordination of the individual tasks improves both the efficiency and the performance of the system. Material flow, system status and historical performance indicators are all graphically displayed in the Servus web portal. 3D system visualisation gives feedback in real time, thus providing a full overview of the system at any time.

SERVUS Lagersystem und Logistiksystem

Simple and Clear-Cut

The I-points positioned on the workstations are designed to be user-friendly in order to guarantee easy and efficient system operation. All performance indicators are analysed and graphically processed in the Servus Cockpit.