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At the start of each consulting project there is the workshop. Together with your part or project owners, our lean logistics experts discover the ideal state in logistics and production in the course of a two or three-day workshop – regardless of the product. In cooperation with your specialists, we analyse the current status of the material and goods flow along the entire value chain, check the general conditions and define the ideal solution for your logistics and production. You will be surprised with the efficiency improvements when Servus merges logistics and production into a single unit.

Expercience Innovation

Experience innovation by visiting the Heron Innovation Factory, learn about the Servus system and all the technologies in real operation.


In common workshops we analyse perfection of our customers intralogistics processes. We  get to know our curostmers needs in order to apply the technology that fits most.


The results of the workshop are clear for all participants, as is the basis for detailed development and successful implementation.

Logistik Berater von SERVUS

Tracking Down Your Material Flow

Not familiar with your own material flow? No problem. From our experience, we know that there isn’t a single company that fully understands its material flow. That is why it is worth investing in a workshop with our lean logistics consultants. We help to analyse the material flow, eliminate waste and subsequently automate the material flow. You can benefit from 30 years of experience in production automation at the highest level.

Eliminating Waste

The method of collaborating in a workshop to achieve the ideal state has proven its value over many years and has revealed astonishing improvement potentials. We strongly believe in this and it constantly demonstrates to us that the best results can only be developed in collaboration. And anything but the best solution cannot be our benchmark.

Workshop Logistik

We Provide Consultancy to Global Players and Hidden Champions

For the best solution, we combine the expertise of our customers with our 15 years of experience in merging logistics and production across all industries. Our customers are primarily global players and hidden champions Our focus is thus exclusively premium. Take advantage of this!

30 Years Experience in Automation

Before we develop the ideal solution for your intralogistics with you, we need an accurate understanding of your processes. For this reason, an in-depth exchange with you is a fundamental prerequisite for the ideal solution. More than 30 years’ experience in production automation and over 15 years’ experience in the implementation of lean logistics solutions. Servus is a trusted partner in the implementation of forward-looking logistics solutions along a company’s entire value chain.

Customer Opinions

"In Servus, we have found a flexible system that works efficiently in line with lean principles. Thanks to the creativity of Servus and the project team, we have developed and launched completely new options and perspectives in logistics for the future."
Albert Staller
Manager Supply Chain Management Rosenberger
"The workshop was not just important for the Servus system, but also of fundamental importance for redesigning our logistics processes."
Robert Hinnen
Head of Logistics at Hasler + Co AG

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