Automotive and supply industry

Especially in the automotive and supply industry, in which all process steps in production are precisely controlled and intralogistics of the highest efficiency are required, the Servus system can fully leverage its intelligence. Servus does not just take care of the individual process step, but also the upstream and downstream processes. Logistics and production become a single unit and the partition line between the two areas disappears. Servus has over 15 years of experience in linking entire value chains and integrating warehousing and production.


Waiting times are eliminated and workstations are provisioned just-in-time. Servus supplies the right amount of goods at the right time, and to the desired location.


In cooperation with our customers, we plan, develop and implement tailored lean logistics.

Lean Production

Servus helps to eliminate waste and supports you in the implementation of your lean production.

Ware zum Mann in der Automobilindustrie


Servus supplies the required goods at the right time, to the right destination based on the pull principle and directly provisions manual and fully automated workstations. Servus lets you extend the goods-to-the-worker principle and implement the goods-to-the-machine principle.

Quality Improvements in Processes

Search times are a thing of the past, because Servus enables a pervasive automated material flow as well as product and production data feedback in real time. This improves the quality of the processes along the entire value chain.

Qualitätssteigerung Produktion in der Automobilindustrie

Customer Opinions

“In Servus, we have found an innovative intralogistics system. Servus extends the goods-to-the-worker principle. The goods are delivered directly to the assembly robot or the assembly line. In Servus, we have found a flexible system that works efficiently in line with lean principles. Thanks to the creativity of Servus and the project team, we have developed and launched completely new options and perspectives in logistics for the future.”
Albert Staller
Head of Supply Chain Management Rosenberger