the breathing production logistics

Servus at ZF branch in Auerbach

the breathing production logistics

Servus at ZF branch in Auerbach

Initial Situation

  • different cycle times in production and logistics
  • in need of a future-proof intralogistics concept
  • long transport routes - no decentralized storage possibility

Customer Benefit

  • buffer storage between logistics and production
  • customized, flexible, future-proof solution.
  • A maximum of process efficiency and reliability

A breathing buffer in the center of the production area

The customized Servus solution combines SMT production with final assembly. The Servus-Cube between them serves as a buffer: it balances out varying cycle times and thus enables just-in-time production in both production areas.

ZF Friedrichshafen AG in Auerbach

Zahnradfabrik Friedrichshafen AG (in short ZF) is a global mobility specialist that makes vehicles see, think, and act. As a pioneer in the field of mobility, the company also strives for high quality and the latest technologies in their internal
processes. With the Servus-Cube, ZF is laying the foundation for a future-proof smart factory.

All processes are made playfully simple thanks to the Servus-Cube. All assembly lines are supplied at the right time with the right quantity and the right material.

Harald Grädler
Process facilitator ZF Auerbach