Lean Logistics for Your Production

We do not want to automate wastefulness, we want to eliminate waste. Lean production needs equally efficient logistics. Servus improves the material flow, reduces intermediate storage and on-site stock, thus freeing up space on the production lines. Servus ensures automated material transport along the entire value chain.


Waiting times are eliminated and workplaces are provisioned just-in-time. Servus supplies the right amount of goods at the right time, and to the desired location.


Material provisioning based on the pull principle significantly improves the material flow. Unnecessary storage, work-in-progress stock and tied-down capital are significantly reduced.

Lean Production

Servus eliminates waste and supports you in the implementation of your lean production.

Wareneingang Rosenberg

Simple Integration of All Processes

The simple integration of storage and removal stations, stations, assembly and picking stations, or breathing buffers make delivery and collection of goods possible at any location in the company. Manual and fully automated working stations are thus integrated into the flow process.

Intermediate Buffering

Servus buffers partial orders in a simple way, and then transfers the finished order to outbound goods. Servus can buffer semi-finished articles and feed them to the next production step at the correct time, and in the correct quantity.

Zwischenpufferung in der Lean Logistik
SERVUS Transportroboter ARC in Produktion

Eliminating Waste

Search times are a thing of the past, because a constantly automated material flow with Servus enables product and production data feedback in real time. This improves the quality of the processes along the entire value chain. Errors in the production are virtually eliminated, and their consequences reduced to a minimum.

Lean Logistics in Production

While other means of transport block paths and critical floor-space, Servus transport robots travel overhead on the ceiling in order to save space. Servus only takes material down to working height at the location where it is actually needed.

In addition to manual workstations, production machines can also be directly integrated.

Customer Opinions

“The intralogistics modular assembly kit by Servus enables operations through the ceiling and across storeys. A single system ensures an optimum material flow at different levels. We introduced the lean production principle in 2009. Servus lives this lean principle, making our decision in favour of Servus an obvious choice.”
Thomas Guggenberger
Corporate Development at Schelling Anlagenbau
“In Servus, we have found an innovative intralogistics system, Servus extends the goods-to-the-worker principle. The goods are delivered directly to the assembly robot or the assembly line. In Servus, we have found a flexible system that works efficiently in line with lean principles."
Albert Staller
Head of Supply Chain Management at Rosenberger

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