Servus in Action at Schelling Anlagenbau

Servus in Action at Schelling Anlagenbau

Initial Situation

  • Limited space available for pallet store, small parts warehouse and logistics zone with incoming goods, picking and outbound goods zone
  • Use of several different, in part manually operated storage systems
  • Worker-to-the-goods
  • Increasing efficiency in picking of assembly line materials
  • Reducing time and staff overheads in logistics processes
  • Increased picking overhead, long lead times

Customer Benefits

  • Goods-to-the-worker
  • Three workers working simultaneously on a combined station
  • Higher output with less HR and time overhead
  • Space savings due to locating the AKL on the upper floor, small footprint of the connection on the ground floor
  • Short access times, reducing the manual transport to a minimum
  • Ability to adapt the picking performance to the growing material needs in assembly
  • Future company growth can be handled via the system
  • No “searching”

Servus in Action at Schelling

Due to the lack of space at Schelling, Servus implemented a unique solution in which the Servus ARCs transport items over several floors, from incoming goods to automatic small parts storage (AKL) and from the AKL to the picking station. More information on the Servus system at Schelling in Schwarzach can be found in the Schelling Case Study.

Schelling Anlagenbau GmbH

Schelling machines and systems are globally considered to be the highest quality in the industry. The right choice for customers looking for a genuinely robust, carefully considered, sustainably precise and durable solution. The board cutting and precision sawing systems are used by some of the world’s most renowned and exacting industrial manufacturers of boards, furniture and kitchens, as well as operations which process aluminium, plastics and PCBs, as well as in the aerospace industry. Also, exacting crafts operations rely on the wide portfolio of Schelling solution providing expertise.


“The intralogistics modular assembly kit by Servus enables operations through the ceiling and across storeys. A single system ensures an optimum material flow at different levels. We introduced the lean production principle in 2009. Servus lives this lean principle, making our decision in favour of Servus an obvious choice.”

Thomas Guggenberger

Corporate Development at Schelling

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