Warehouse Management and Picking

Automated small parts stores (ASRS) by Servus are always tuned to the customer’s needs. Whether for slow movers or highly dynamic storage and removal, whether single or double-depth storage. In addition, the Servus ASRS is fully integrated into the flow process, as the Servus transport robots simply leave the warehouse and supply the picking stations directly.


Servus ASRS are characterised by the highest storage density and the shortest travel routes.

Process Sercurity

Servus transport robots are completely autonomous and not restricted to a specific level. A failure of the entire system is thus ruled out.


Servus storage can be highly dynamic or designed for slow movers in tight spaces. Each customer can look forward to a tailor-made solution.

Kommissionierung / Picking

Picking and Packing

Like the layout of the entire system, the picking stations are custom-made. Pick-by-Scan, Pick-by-Light, Pick-to-Light, Pick-by-Vision, two-stage picking or Multi-Order-Picking are implemented according to the customer’s wishes. The Servus picking station determines the desired picking process.

SERVUS Warehouse Management (WMS)

Servus offers you a single source option for your entire warehousing logistics. Servus does not just take care of the hardware implementation of your warehouse (AKL and pallet store), but also ensures efficient warehouse management with our proprietary warehouse management software, the Servus Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Warehouse Management System from SERVUS

Outstanding Efficiency of Servus Warehouses

Servus transport robots are not restricted to a single level as a result, Servus requires significantly fewer vehicles to manage a warehouse. The warehouse is seamlessly connected to the Servus picking stations.

The route can also be used as a store, since storage slots can be installed on the left and right along the route. This makes the system even more flexible.

A local picking station including intermediate buffer storage make provisioning for assembly even more efficient.

Customer Opinions: SERVUS Warehouse Management and Picking

"With Servus, we have one of the best shuttle systems on the market, and it was developed by a highly innovative and creative team of specialists. From the start, the great relationship between shuttle-weight/ dynamics and load weight impressed me.”
Josef Otter
Managing Director, Fossil Germany
“The great flexibility of the system was pivotal. When we grow, the Servus system grows too; we can then very easily expand it with operations working at full capacity.”
Robert Hinnen
Head of Logistics at Hasler

Warehouse and Picking at Miele:

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